BIOENER DEFENCE® effectively prevents bacterial and viral infections.

BIOENER DEFENCE® is an innovative formula that exploits the synergic action of its active principles.

  • Vitamin D3: the biological action of vitamin D3 whose production derives from the UVB radiation exposure, is taken by calcitriol which, as active hormone, contributes to the correct functioning of our immune system. Good hematic levels of vitamin D3 induce the synthesis of a specific receptor on the external cell- membrane of T lymphocytes, triggering a proper immune response able to fight viral and bacterial activity. A recent study on coronaviruses has shown a possible second key virus entry apart from ACE2 receptor binding. This would be related to the superficial cell protein neuropilin-1 (NPR1), which would be able to bind laterally to the spike protein, proving its viral spreading skills to other organs than the respiratory ones. This mechanism would be activated consequently to the « furin cut ». As hormone, vitamin D3 during its synthesis cut may act at this level leading to the viral cleavage inhibition.
  • Myrciaria Dubia: it is a plant belonging to the family of Myrtaceae. Indios already knew its fruit (Camu Camu) and they used it as energetic food. This fruit contains a great amount of vitamin C equal to 2,7 g per 100 g of pulp associated with other substances such as flavonic glycosides, hesperidin, rutin, phenolic tannin precursors and catechins that optimise its absorption. Great support for the immune system, it helps our body natural defenses. It helps bronchial secretions fluidity and it protects
  • against pathogens of the upper respiratory tracts, as well.
  • Echinacea Purpurea: it contains alkylamides and isobutylamides, long-chained fat acids, flavonoids, fructans, alkaloids, pollen, glycoproteins and essential oil. Its immune stimulating action consists of phagocytosis increase, i.e. the ability of macrophages, neutrophils and monocytes to incorporate bacteria, viruses and foreign particles into cytoplasm. It induces immature and mature white blood cells differentiation as well as interferons and interleukins production.
  • Hesperidin: it is a glycosylated bioflavonoid contained in citrus fruits. Its aglycone hesperetin performs its biological effect. It performs a significant anti viral action. Research has demonstrated that hesperidin, due to its low binding energy both with coronaviruses spike protein and with main proteases responsible for viral transformation (pp1a and ppa1b), can interfere with the internalisation of ACE2 receptor and with the viral proteolyses that allows its replication. Hesperidin interacts with the hemagglutinin inhibition mechanism (HA) and with the neuraminidase inhibition mechanism (NA) for influenza viruses. Moreover the association hesperidin- ascorbic acid fights ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) effects, i.e. oxygen free radicals.
  • Quercetin: it has a high anti- oxidant and anti- inflammatory power. It inhibits ROS excessive production as well as the mechanism leading to histamine, prostaglandins and leukotriene production. Its interference with influenza viruses cleavage is wellknown. Laboratory research has recently shown its inhibitory action against 3CLpro enzymatic activity, i.e. the coronaviruses replication key factor.

Hence, on the basis of its components properties, it is possible to understand how the product BIOENER DEFENCE® performs an interesting synergic action. Moreover, the dynamisation derived from B.Q.T. (BioEnergem Quantum Technology) optimises the biological activity of each component (Biodynamic Action).


The product is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women as well as for children under 12 years of age.


Take a capsule twice a day before meals.


Before taking the product, pregnant and breastfeeding women are recommended to ask for medical advice. The product should not be taken as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and should be used within a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the
recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children under three years of age.
Store in a cool place away from sources of heat and sunlight. Do not disperse the container in the environment after use.


Price: €45,00

Made in E.U.