Bioenergem© was established to initiate a new integrated approach, based on innovative technologies and aimed at improving the quality of life and enhance the prevention of diseases.

In the history of medicine, the greatest focus has always been on treatment and cure rather than prevention, and when prevention guidelines were set up – for instance, the need to perform mammography, the Pap test, and the PSA test – diseases were considered as a clinical phenomenon, rather than a biological phenomenon due to an imbalance that needed to be looked for and treated even a long time before its appearance. The members of our working group have focused on this latter type of research, even accepting to incur in potential criticism, as this is truly a highly innovative approach. The quality of all existing and future products will benefit from this great passion, too.

Bioenergem Europa’s products are prepared in accordance with the current Good Manufacturing Practices, performing an accurate control over the quality of active ingredients, an efficient management of production time, and the stress tests required to ensure the biological effectiveness of the product up to its expiry date, as well as implementing appropriate health and safety measures, waste disposal in compliance with bio-sustainability criteria, and appropriate filing procedures.

Our results
Bioenergem© believes that time is ripe to introduce an innovative preparation method allowing to use active ingredients dosed by weight and combined in innovative synergies, diluting them in de-mineralised and dynamized water in order to optimise their biological response. De-mineralised and dynamized water is therefore the solvent carrier of the active ingredients of the product. Based on our experience, the result achieved seems meaningful and in line with many researches carried out by important pharmacology research institutes.

What distinguishes our products
Bioenergem© selects raw materials that meet the highest purity standards and, in the case of plants, it makes sure that these are free of any heavy metals and other pollutants. To this purpose, rigorous checks are performed by gas-chromatography, mass spectrophotometry, and anodic dissolution voltammetry. As for the solvent, in order to obtain de-mineralised water a Millipore-Midi two-stage system is used. The product is then dynamized using a software featuring pre-set programmes (Quantum Technology). Special care has also been devoted to the single-dosage vials, entirely in glass, which, unlike other containers or forms of packaging, ensure that the product does not come into contact with any dissipating substances.

Basic principles
This special product preparation is based upon the idea that living beings generate electric fields. The most widely known electric field measurement methods in the medical sector are electrocardiogram, electroencephalogram, electromyography, etc., but there are many others, in most cases related to the hydrogen atom. A magnetic-electric field is generated as a consequence of the electric one. In the future, electro-cardio-magneto-grams and electro-encephalo-magneto-grams will probably be used, but today we are already aware of how the tissues making up living beings respond differently during, for instance, a magnetic resonance. By making the hydrogen atom resonate, magnetic resonance allows to see organs in a different way, something which does not happen if we perform the same procedure on a mineral. All this substantiates our statements. Identifying the electro-magnetic frequency of the tissues can allow – as is the case in the space or industrial sectors – to preferentially carry an active ingredient where it needs to perform its molecular function, without the constraints posed by traditional pharmacokynetic parameters, therefore being able to use lower doses of the active ingredient while having the same biological effect.